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 About ME

    I can remember expressing my passion for beauty all the way back to the single digits of my life. Whether it was playing dress up, having themed make over parties, or perfecting every detail on my horses before entering the show ring. My undeniable attention to detail has driven me to where I am today. Living the dream, styling hair & make up for fitness competitions, weddings, photoshoots, and any special occasion in between. My passion has truly privileged me with the ability to work day in and day out doing what I love! 


Being able to enhance ones physical appearance in itself is beyond rewarding. But, my greatest accomplishments are when I can bring out ones TRUE inner beauty! That is what makes me strive for excellence day to day. As you have heard before, “When you look good, you feel good!” I take tremendous pride in understanding the vision you may desire. Ensuring my upmost ability to deliver such a look, I promise it will be a collaborative effort to achieve a result that realistically fits you, your lifestyle, and personality. Throughout your service I will share my tips and tricks along with proper education on products. It is important to me that you can comfortably and confidently achieve the same look at home. 


Inevitably time is continuously changing and trends come and go. I myself as a stylist am constantly keeping up with the newest trends and evolving my skills and talent as an artist of beauty. Between traveling from state to state, attending fashion shows, educational seminars, and following the top artists in the industry, it allows me to continue to grow as the industry continues to evolve. I’d be honored to have the privilege to share my passion with you and enlighten your world of cosmetology!

Yours Truly,

XO Brooke 

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